St. Peter's Newsletter 2020-21 Issue2

C HENNEKKATTU KALAANGAMARI V ARKEY J ACOB -remembered by all simply as CVJ - was one of the most distinguished and respected doyens in the industrial sector of Kerala. C. V. Jacob was the founder of Synthite Group, director of CIAL, former Vice- chairman of the Spices Board, the chairman of the Kolenchery Medical College Special Committee and Patron & former Secretary of St. Peter’s Education Trust. The repertoire of CVJ’s achievements was not confined to the important positions he held but the vast spectrum of his work field. The inspiring example of life he set for others has truly made him an unprecedented cove. “HIS LIFE A BEAUTIFUL MEMORY, HIS ABSENCE A SILENT GRIEF...” “Education should aim for a better life and not merely better living. I believe that education is the most potent tool to sensitize, harmonize and humanize the society” - CVJ Newsletter 2020-21 Issue 2 C. V. JACOB (1933-2021)