St. Peter's Newsletter 2020-21 Issue1

Success is to fulfill a goal that you have set for yourself and constant watchfulness and preparedness to work is the outlay we have to pay for success in life. With the perfect blend of the five components: realisation, confidence, motivation, action and perseverance, the sine-qua-non for achieving success, the champs of St. Peter’s brought laurels in the 2019-20 AISSCE & AISSE examinations. PLAUDITS FOR THE PETERIAN PARAGONS!!! SUMMARY Total students appeared 132 Full A1 22 A1 in 4 subjects 21 Scored above 90% 69 Distinction 124 First class 8 CENTUM : ECONOMICS : Pavithra V G, Nida Zahra BIOLOGY : Rismina E U, Diya Mariyam Joy MATHEMATICS : Jewel Benny, Hanna Sara Benoy CHEMISTRY : Irene Saju SUMMARY Total students appeared 173 All A1 19 A1 in 4 subjects 28 Above 90% 77 Distinction 144 SCHOOL TOPPERS: SCIENCE STREAM Irene Saju 489(97.8%) COMMERCE STREAM Sanjana Sabu 482(96.4%) Pavithra.V. G 482(96.4%) SCHOOL TOPPERS : Sarah Abraham 494 (98.8%) Shreya Susan Paul 494 (98.8%) SCIENCE Aamil Rizwan P S Christeena Sabu Jenet Joseph Sarah Swetha Thomas Shreya Susan Paul HINDI Anna Vijai Johann Anish FRENCH Susan Cheruvullil Joy CENTUM: ENGLISH Aneena Karmy Jesvin J Joann Elizabeth Jibi Juhi Suhara Nooh Tanya Mariam Viji Tessa Maria Sunil MATHS Sarah Abraham MALAYALAM Elza Keziah Moni CLASS 10 RESULTS CLASS 12 RESULTS Newsletter 2020-21 Issue 1 Click the pictures for larger view